The most common procedure in dentistry and the most widespread disease of our time, tooth decay, which is an infection caused by bacteria in the mouth, resulting with deterioration of the enamel and spreading into the deeper layers of the teeth.

The shallow surface caries act fluoridation , but if the decay has penetrated more deeply, it is necessary to mechanically remove the infected part and the healthy parts of the tooth must be filled to retain tooth its function and vitality.

There are a number of different materials that can be used for filling teeth, of which we will mention here only two most common materials , which amalgam and Composite .

Amalgam fillings are commonly known as silver fillings or mercury. They are made of silver, tin, copper, zinc and mercury, etc., And is therefore required extensive preparation that in long term results with weakens of the tooth.

The composite fillings are commonly known as white fillings, there are unlimited number of shades and they require minimal preparation to form a morphologically and aesthetically excellent filling. Note that in Dentall center we use restorative top quality manufacturer Evectric and Gradia.

White filling in the steps

  1. Grinding the tooth decay and desinfection
  2. Preparation of working fields for placing fillings
  3. Placing fillings
  4. A polymerization that uses curing lamp


1. Black or white fillings?

Our answer is white fillings because they are a new generation of materials so advanced that they have almost no shortcomings that have amalgams, not to mention the aesthetic properties and effects of chemical bonding to the tooth.

2. How long white fillings lasts?

As a rule white filling lasts how long will last your tooth, except for major fracture (damage) of the tooth when it is possible to be and when filling break off and fall out. Composite materials of last generation which we use are perfect structure and fully functional and visually replaced tooth.

3. Guarantee of the filling?

The rule is that the guarantee of the restoration is one year, but if it is determined that you are filling without being knocked out tooth is damaged, it will be replaced at our own expense.