Because of the decay which is very progressed through all the layers of the teeth, the bacteria has opened the way to the pulp (inside of the tooth consisting of blood vessels and nerves). Therefore, in the interior of the tooth occurs inflammation which results with pulpitis occurring as strong pain after which it is immediately need to see a dentist and begin therapy.

The nerve should be removed and root canal cleaned, disinfected and sealed with & nbsp root canal therapy to avoid further complications. Due to the specific and complex form ducts inside the roots we have to determine the precise length of the channels themselves.

The length of root canal is measured apex (we use endometer 5th generation), and channels can be cleaned by hand or machining techniques (use Pro Taper technology ) and then it is possible to fill it with the thermoplastic mass that will prevent any further penetration of bacteria to the bone.

The modern machine endodontics KAVO device virtually eliminates the possibility of subsequent infection, and in this case we are talking about 100% cure tooth . Endodontic well treated tooth can serve for many years and subsequently be used as a carrier bridge or crown .

After endodontic treatment there is often a great missing teeth that must be replaced in order to avoid breakage or chipping of teeth.

The best solution for this case are composite pickets reinforced with glass fiber and composite restoration for minor damage and for larger we recommend ceramic inlay or Rosary .

The amalgam in this case is not recommended because of heavy usage on the walls of the tooth which is already impaired.

Endodontics in steps

  1. Preparation of clean working fields
  2. Duct Cleaning special needles (manual) or, in our case, machine
  3. Check the length of the channel special device
  4. Disinfection channels and, if necessary, leaving drug 2 weeks to the number of bacteria to a minimum
  5. Charging cleaned canals special fillers
  6. Fill


1. Is the endodontics procedure painful ?

In Dentall center in every procedure, in consultation with the patient, is used local anesthesia and all procedures are completely painless.

2. Advantages of mechanical clearing of channels?

The process is much faster and reduces the number of required visits to the dentist.

3. Why to save the tooth, in comparison to put it out and install artificial?

The reason is very simple, any dental restoration don't have quality as a natural tooth, so you should save every natural tooth can be saved.