Varazdin - the capital of the Baroque and Culture

In the modern, global tourism trends, culture and traditions are an important factor to remain competitive in a very dynamic market. Today's modern tourists choose tourist destination that will provide them with a memorable experience or attraction.

City of Varazdin is a city that has a rich history with preserved historic palaces, churches and buildings that history can revive. Varazdin is spotted a huge advantage and an opportunity for attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Varazdin is famous as the city of flowers, baroque and music, so the dominant cultural tourism strategy for tourism development of the city. Just visiting a tourist destination can be seen, felt and fully realize regional and national, past and present cultural creativity, cultural and artistic wealth of museums and buildings.

The originality, diversity and abundance of such cultural resources determine the level of quality tourism attraction, which increases the value of the overall tourist offer of each destination and the country.