Datetime published: 24.07.2015

It is important to smile. Laughter is, as people say, the best therapy. A lot of people deprive themselves from that free cure because they are ashamed to show their teeth.

A Hollywood smile. No one has that kind of teeth naturally. Don’t ever think that shining teeth from commercials and magazine covers are the work of nature.

Healthy teeth do not always mean regular shiny teeth.

In time teeth go darker and they can chop away a bit….that does not mean they are bad.

Other people have healthy teeth but have big gaps between them or have different length of teeth or just have irregular teeth.

In all those cases we recommend lamina.

Gluing Leaflets

Laminas are thin porcelain ‘leaflets’ that are glued to front side of the tooth.

In very short period of time with them are fixed all irregularities and laminas do not vary from natural enamel.

Brilliant thing about laminas is that are gentle to gums so there is no fear of inflammation or withdrawal. It means they are completely safe.

Disadvantage is that they cannot go after endodontic therapy because they are really thin so dark shade can be seen through them.

And don’t worry, laminas, despite their name, are extremely firm. They won’t fall out during washing your teeth☺

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