Datetime published: 24.07.2015

At one point in life we all face that unpleasant problem: our teeth start to fall out. But modern dental medicine has a solution.

Let’s go back in time for a bit.

20 years ago teeth that fell out were replaced with golden teeth.

Young people that had bad teeth and falling out problem (mostly due to genetics) had to face the bad substitution problems.

Today, missing teeth are not such a big deal.

You have probably heard from people that have problems with their teeth that they have to pay attention to hygiene due to crowns or bridges.

That did not bother you until you faced with falling out of teeth yourself.

What Are Crowns And When Are They Needed?

Crowns, as their name say, are done when the tooth crown is ruined.

It is ruined, mostly, because of great caries or while nerve extraction that was inflamed.

Crown is then placed so the healthy rest of the tooth can be protected.

Except in these cases, when crown is needed because of the tooth health, they are done for aesthetic reasons as well.

They can remodel spinning teeth or those dark ones due to treatment.

Crown Types

Metal ceramic crowns are still considered a standard, but we are sure that in time zirconia crowns will become a standard (still they are considered an innovation).

Metal ceramic crowns are used more often due to lower price and with being really firm; they satisfy aesthetic standards as well.

Still, artificial is artificial, so with those crowns you can see the difference when placed next to natural tooth due to decreased light passing.

Zirconia crowns do not have that flaw. There is no difference between natural teeth and teeth made of that material, and they even do not produce any allergic reactions.

Their only flaw is their higher price.

What Are Bridges And When Are They Necessary?

While crowns save the tooth, bridges are put where one or more teeth are missing.

Bridges are in fact blocks of teeth connected in one or more complexes.

Apart from having an aesthetic function (what is everyone’s first thought) they prevent development of other problems.

Due to missing of teeth other teeth start to move toward clean areas and that causes periodontitis that causes further teeth falling out.

There are a several kinds of bridges and to each patient suits different bridge.

Bridges require intensified hygiene and regular check-ups and after a few years they have to be changed.

Excellent alternative to bridges are implants.


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