Datetime published: 24.07.2015

Preventing child caries is the best way to have healthy teeth. With that helps us fluorine, natural element that destroys bacteria as well as placing special fillings at critical spots.

Prevention is a key to good health. If we teach our kids healthy habits from the beginning they will have healthy teeth.

Baby teeth fall out, that is correct. But, does that mean we should let our kids not to brush their teeth or to drink sweet juices from the bottle till the moment of the first real tooth?

The answer is no, of course.

Children should be taught brushing teeth from the early age. Also, you need to pay an attention to ingredients of a tooth paste you buy.

Of course, all tooth pastes have fluorine.

Why Is Fluorine Important For Teeth?

Fluorine is not some chemical substance that is not good for you and your child, whatever you might have read on some forum.

It is a natural element that is present in water wells but also in foods as meat, fish, eggs and tea.

Fluorine makes teeth stronger by acceleration of their remineralisation and also prevents bacteria formation.

Teeth get fluorine with direct contact in our mouth with intake into our organism.

All that because fluorine makes teeth stronger and more resistant to caries as well as remineralises initial caries.

Fluorine Treatment Once A Year

The safest way for teeth to get fluorine is fluorination in dental practice.

That is very simple and painless process that should be done once a year.

Dimples that need to be closed

Fluorine treatment is useful and painless treatment that prevents caries formation and it should be done from the early ages, meaning from the first ‘real’ teeth.

The other treatment is, what we call, fissure sealing.

Fissures are dimples submissive to caries formation.

To prevent caries formation that can lead to other problems, they need to be closed, and that is done with special kind of filling enriched with fluorine.

The prevention is half of work and the prevention of caries formation in childhood is the guarantee of nice smile in adulthood.

Give your children that.

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