Datetime published: 24.07.2015

Tartar is on every tooth. It contains a great amount of bacteria so it can cause falling out of teeth even.

There are no teeth that have no tartar.

No matter how devoted you are to brushing, using interdental brush and mouthwash, tartar will appear.

Of course, if you have discipline in hygiene maintenance there will be a lot less tartar.

If you have less discipline, there will be much more tartar.

What Causes Tartar?

Appearance of tartar cannot be stopped.

That firm layer comes from plaque that forms very quickly after washing teeth.

Soft and sticky foods favour the plaque formation and coloured beverages, like tea or coffee, add more colour.

To explain even better what tartar is: it is white or yellowish layers on teeth on the area between teeth and gums.

You can often see them on the lower part of the front teeth from the inner side.

Why Is Tartar Dangerous?

Tartar does not hurt, so it does not sound dangerous. But layers can be dangerous.

They contain a great amount of bacteria that produce acid and have bad influence on enamel, making it soft and more submissive to caries formation.

Larger layers press gums and lead to inflammation and bleeding, and later gums withdraw.

That can lead to tottering and teeth falling out.

How to get rid of the tartar?

You can get rid of tartar very easily in Dentall.

Removing of tartar is not painful (although for more sensitive people we give anaesthesia) and it is done with ultrasonic instrument.

After removing the surface of teeth is being polished with the fluorine enriched paste that protects enamel from possible inflammations.

Dependently of how fast your teeth get tartar, you should arrange its removal with your dentist.

At the regular check-ups of course☺.

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