Datetime published: 23.07.2015

Amalgam fillings look ugly, but are firmer. White fillings are nicer, but will fall out quicker. Today people think this way, but it’s far from the truth.

If you are over thirty, you do remember.

First amalgam fillings to your molar were black. Soon after that the dentist started asking your mom ‘amalgam or white filling’.

Even today, when going to dentist, you wonder will you get black or white fillings.

You know you want white, but you memory says ‘Amalgam fillings are firmer’.

Two Different Materials: Advantages and Disadvantages

Amalgam fillings are mixes of mercury with silver, tin and copper in different proportions. You are troubled with mercury?

In this case it’s not poisonous.

Advantage of amalgam fillings is, as your memory was suggesting, firmness, meaning they are resistant to forces created by our jaw while chewing.

Disadvantage of amalgam fillings is that it is placed on the tooth mechanically and it is necessary to grind a lot of healthy tooth.

That is the reason why you should choose white filling.

White filling is chemically placed on the tooth and there is no need for any grinding, except of caries, of course☺.

Aesthetics is another advantage.

When having a big smile, everything is white.

Regarding disadvantages of white fillings, they change colour due to nicotine, coffee and everything else that influences the colour.

Fillings get yellowish shade, but nothing that cannot be solved with afterwards polishing. But yellowish is better than black.

So, you got it: white fillings are better.

A Good Filling Hardly Falls Out

However that isn’t pleasant, as well.

Materials, which are used for making white fillings, have good quality and between teeth and composite a strong chemical connection happens.

But, there is no need to worry.

In 21 century all the time the new materials are being made, tested and finally get to patients.

In Dentall we follow innovations.

The probability of filling falling out is close to null due to our usage of materials of the best quality.

All you need to do is visit us ☺.

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